1. Youth Jury 2020
    Youth Jury 2020

    We're thrilled to announce that the Youth Jury programme will be back for the 2020 festival and applications are now open!

  2. Show and Tell: Karolina Kotowska
    Show and Tell: Karolina Kotowska

    We did an interview with Karolina Kotowska, the illustrator of zine dedicated to Focus/Shapes That Move: Feminist Film Collectives in Britain from the 1970s To Now

  3. Rough/Ready Work in Progress Selections for 2019 Announced
    Rough/Ready Work in Progress Selections for 2019 Announced

    We’re pleased to announce the selection for the Rough/Ready 2019 programme at Sheffield Doc/Fest. Three new UK productions at rough or fine cut stage will be presenting to industry members at the 2019 festival seeking finance, sales, festivals and distribution. The event is open to all interested industry pass holders

  4. 4 art picks
    4 art picks

    Here are some of our top picks from this year's programme which are sure to satisfy all our attending art-seekers.

  5. Free Shorts This Winter
    Free Shorts This Winter

    Film Programme Coordinator Hannah McHaffie shares her thoughts on shorts from our 2018 programme available to watch right now.

  6. Doc/Circuit

    A new initiative which aims to develop regional audiences for independent documentary films

  7. Doc/Fest Exchange
    Doc/Fest Exchange

    Everyday of the festival the Exchange hosts a range of in conversations, panel discussions and special screenings inspired by films and immersive and interactive projects from across the Doc/Fest programme.

  8. Doc/Player 2019
    Doc/Player 2019

    On-demand documentaries from this year's festival and beyond. Available to all pass holders

  9. Focus/Shapes That Move: Feminist Film Collectives in Britain from the 1970s To Now
    Focus/Shapes That Move: Feminist Film Collectives in Britain from the 1970s To Now

    In this special focus, we bring into the foreground the collaborative power of those who have contributed to shaping new futures in Britain using the medium of film. Riding the wave of the politically radical sentiments that characterised the late sixties and seventies, new filmmaking formations bloomed, making possible the candid and creative documentation of life as it is experienced by female and non-binary people where it would not have been within traditional hierarchies of film and broadcasting. Over the past decades, cooperatives, workshops, political movements, common interests and brave broadcasting commissions have provided scaffolding to organise around the moving image, with a great variety of political objectives, aesthetic approaches and ways of embodying gender. With this presentation of films, we honour the work of those who have mobilised to bring about change with and in the moving image, such that the act of filmmaking itself becomes an act of solidarity.

  10. 6 Films about Film
    6 Films about Film

    Here are just a few of the documentaries in this year’s programme that centre around film itself

  11. Atlases of America
    Atlases of America

    An essay by Erika Balsom Babette Mangolte’s The Sky on Location and Deborah Stratman’s O’er the Land.