For the final leg of our Alternate Realities Tour, we head to London’s Barbican to showcase a selection of curated highlights from Doc/Fest’s 2019 edition.

The selected works explore the experiences of human relationships, identity and gender expression, through the lense of interactive and immersive non-fiction. Drawing from artists, filmmakers and subjects from Australia, Italy, the Philippines, as well as the U.K., the Alternate Realities tour promises to present a range of experiences from around the world.

Installations (13-19 January, Admission Free) 

Winner of last year's Best Digital Experience Award, Echo is an interactive installation, created by Georgie Pinn and produced by Kendyl Rossi. Through a virtual mirror, audiences are invited to step into the shoes of another before selecting a shared story. As a deeply personal exploration of human emotion and identity, Echo presents new, intimate stories never before experienced.

Rob Eagle's Through the Wardrobe is an augmented reality project, which considers the daily experience of non-binary people in relation their choice of clothing. Through its physical set, audience members are invited to dress up and use their body to dictate  the pace and flow of the experience.


Selfie (15*)

Two 16-year-old boys record the aftermath of the killing of one of their friends in this intensely personal documentary, filmed in Naples.

Directed by Agostino Ferrente 78 min

Tue 14 Jan 2020, 19:00, Barbican Cinema 3


Shelter- Farewell to Eden (15*)

Trans migrant Pepsi, born in the Philippines, shares her fascinating life experiences as she journeys to seek asylum in Italy.

Sat 18 Jan 2020, 15:30, Barbican Cinema 3

Directed by Enrico Masi 80 min

The Alternate Realities UK Tour is supported by Arts Council England.

In kind supporters of Alternate Realities exhibition at Barbican: Digital CatapultViveIOU and Megaverse.

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