Sheffield is a city with a history of raw lyrics and electro waves, and self-proclaimed sonic terrorists, reverberating from behind grotty old basements to the world stage. It is the home of Pulp, WARP records, Longpigs, Arctic Monkeys, Def Leppard, Cabaret Voltaire, The Human League, Thompson Twins and more.

Our Doc/Rhythm strand is an embrace of music’s place in society, drumming out injustice, screaming for change, and chanting for beauty of the soul. Here are a few select audio tasters for docs featured in this year’s programme. Slip on some comfortable headphones, and ‘fwap fwap fwap’ the volume up to maximum.


Lisbon Beat by Vasco Viana & Rita Maia

The sounds of Afro-Portuguese hybrid beats, the Lisbon Beat premiere and After Party at Theater Deli with DJ Rita Maia on June 7 will loosen you up for a week of screen and soul bangers. Check out stars of the film here and more artists from this scene over on the Príncipe record site

DJ Nigga Fox - Hwwambo

DJ Marfox - Tarraxo Everyday


Distant Planet: The Six Chapters of Simons by Josh Blaaberg

Dancefloor scenes wave with bodies from this world and ye olde times including the early 80s phenomenalissimo claps of Italo Disco. This is what happens in your in your lugholes if you are young in 1980 playing arcade pacman with a 70s disco hangover swaying behind you. Take a chance.

Mr Flagio - Take a Chance


Black to Techno by Jenn Nkiru

The 80’s, the transition from analogue to digital, from industrial to post everything manifests best in the late night vibes of a DJ set. From the motor city of Detroit Techno emerged.

Detroit Techno:


Cool Daddio: The Second Youth of R. Stevie Moore by Imogen Putler, Monika Baran

Bright lights burn quickly, but some find new energy. The home-made DIY sounds of Mr Moore riff in memory to the tune of VHS and cassette tape distortion.

Stevie Moore - Cool Daddio

And from the mildly warped normcore to artificially warped weirdcore here’s a taste of Lorem - Adversarial Feelings 

More familiar names hitting the screens include Leonard Cohen, Kate Nash (with a live performance in person!) and PJ Harvey, tune in to the Doc/Rhythm strand and get your tickets here

And for off-screen rhythms of reality join us on the dancefloor, including Deep House Tehran, Boiler Room, Pxssy Palace and Prestige Pak peruse the parties here.