We’re pleased to announce the selection for the Rough/Ready 2019 programme at Sheffield Doc/Fest. Three new UK productions at rough or fine cut stage will be presenting to industry members at the 2019 festival seeking finance, sales, festivals and distribution. The event is open to all interested industry pass holders. Here are the 2019 projects for you to discover in June


Aylesbury Estate

Director: Carlotta Berti

Producer: Michelangelo Ferrara, Carlotta Berti

Synopsis: In a boundless social housing estate built on Victorian ruins, an old ex-demolition worker and his neighbours must witness the destruction of their identities and the irreversible transformation of society.

Planned Completion date: October 2019

Seeking: Festivals, Completion finance, Sales Agent, Distributor


Non Western

Director: Laura Plancarte

Producer: Laura Plancarte

Synopsis: American Icons lost in a modern world: Two interracial couples fight to keep their traditions, whilst they question the roles of men and women in their patriarchal communities.

Planned Completion date: October 2019

Seeking: Completion finance, Sales Agent, Executive Producer.


The Creation Myth

Director: Andrea Vecchiato

Producer: Andrea Vecchiato, Associate Producer: Alan Mcgee

Synopsis: An entire generation define themselves through the music that Creation Records made possible For the first time the Godfather of Britpop Alan Mcgee, opens up about his downfall, and why he´s back.

Planned Completion date: August 2019

Seeking: Completion finance, Sales Agent, Executive Producer.


Each project will introduce and present a selection of scenes from their work in progress. The screening is at 18:45 in Showroom 1 on Monday June 10.