This is an overview of the teams and projects that were selected to take part in the Alternate Realities Talent Market. 25 teams were invited to pitch. The call for entries for the 2020 edition is now open. To read more about the Alternate Realities Talent Market 2020 and how to apply, please visit our application page here.

The Alternate Realities Talent Market exists to foster collaborations between artists, creatives and organisations focused on using digital technologies to push storytelling in exciting new directions.

The market is for discussing new projects and is open to all artistic practices of digital non-fiction narratives, ranging from video art, interactive, immersive, virtual reality, augmented reality, mixed reality, AI, immersive sound technology, games, 360-video, motion comic to live performance, room-scale experience and installation. Selected artists and creative teams will be connected with industry Decision Makers from funding bodies, NGOs, broadcasters, international festivals, galleries, production companies, tech companies and distribution platforms for new media. 


Twenty-five selected artists and creative teams were selected to connect with industry Decision Makers from tech companies, funding bodies, NGOs, broadcasters, international festivals, galleries, production companies and distribution platforms for new media. The list of Decision Makers that participated in the 2018 edition can be viewed here.

Selected participants had over 400 pre-arranged, match-made meetings during Sheffield Doc/Fest on Monday 10 and Tuesday 11 June, 2019.


The Alternate Realities Talent Market ran parallel to the MeetMarket for documentary features and series. 


Alternate Realities Talent Market – Projects & Teams 2019 

A Football Odyssey; The Olive Grove
Director-Producer: Paul McNeill
A Weight,  a Clock, and a Mirror 
Director-Producer: J Dakota Powell
United States
Director-Producers: Brian Williams, Tom Cleeland, William Millner
United Kingdom
Directors: Illya Szilak, Caitlin Fisher, Cyril Tsiboulski // Producer: Kathleen Fox
United States, Canada
Ayahuasca – A Spiritual Journey; Atomu
Director: Jan Kounen // Producers: Antoine Cayrol, Marion Guth // Sound Design: Nicolas Becker // VR Lead: Rodolphe Chabrier
France, Luxembourg
Dark Origins
Director: Calum Bowden // Producer: Stephanie Sherman // 3D Artist & VR Developer: Tamas Pall // Associate Producer: Clelia Simpson // Sound Design: Jesse Siminski
United Kingdom
Fight Back
Director-Producer: Celine Tricart // Producer: Marie Blondiaux
Fractal Flight
Director: Aaron Bradbury // Producers: Paul Mowbray, Antoine Cayrol
France, United Kingdom
Looking for Love
Director: Dan Barnard // Producer: Rachel Briscoe // Digital Development Lead: Joe McAllister
United Kingdom
Love and Seawater
Directors: Lisa Harewood // Creative Technologist: Ewan Cass-Kavanagh
United Kingdom
My Identity is this Expanse!
Director: Karolina Markiewicz & Pascal Piron // Producers: Marion Guth, Astrid Kahmke & Sönke Kirchhof
Germany, Luxembourg
On The Edge; Synesthesia & Me
Directors: Ben Carlin, John Ingle // Producer: Natalie Hall
United Kingdom
One World, Two Windows
Director: Erfan Saadati // Producer: Lewis Ball // Creative Technologist: Graham Reeve // Executive Producer: Elaine Wong
United Kingdom
Director: Ben Joseph Andrews // Producer: Emma Roberts
Phase 2
Director: Roderick D. Morgan // Producer: Jo Kerr
United Kingdom
Polymeric Sunrise
Director: Krzysztof Garbaczewski // Producers: Wojciech Markowski, James Page // VR Visualisations: Marta Nawrot & Jagoda Wojtowicz
Project Iceworm
Director: Thomas Aue Sobol // Producer: Ulrik Gutkin // Digital Development Lead: Hans von Knut Skovfoged // Co-Producer (Canada): Heather Grieve & Alex Wittholz
Greenland, Canada, Denmark
Replacing Reality
Director: J'aimee Skippon-Volke // Producer: Adam Rogers // Technical Director: Osvaldo C. Alfaro
Australia, Canada
The Fun of Fear
Director: Lester Francois // Producer: Anna Brady
The Longest Goodbye VR
Director-Producers: Ido Mizrahy, Nir Sa’ar // Lead Developer, DOP: Philipp Maas // Lead Artist: Vladimir Illic
Germany, United States
The Museum of Nasty Women
Director: Rebecca Barry // Producers: Charles Henden, Craig Bowler, Sophie Wiesner
Through the Wardrobe
Director: Rob Eagle // Executive Producer: Scott Fletcher
United Kingdom
UXO (Unexploded Ordinance): Stories from the Blue Line
Director: Marisol Grandon // Producer: Simon Davis
United Kingdom, Lebanon
Ways to School
Director: Zohar Kfir // Producers: Katayoun Dibamehr, Nicolas S. Roy
France, United States, Canada
Director: Dr Rachel Genn // Producer: Nick Bax (Human VR)
United Kingdom
The Alternate Realities Talent Market is supported by Arts Council England and the Creative Europe Programme - MEDIA of the European Union.





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